Socket Shelf

Socket Shelf

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Tired of dealing with bunched up electrical cords and tangled wires?

We all need several electrical devices and appliances in the home or office. All these gadgets need to be plugged into an electrical outlet, resulting in a tangly mess of wires, cables, and cords.

Using a regular extension cord can be a solution, but this also adds to the mess with its long cord. What you need is a space-saving outlet extender that keeps all your wired devices in one place.

 Free your living space from bunched up wires with the Southern Backdoor Products Socket Shelf.
This socket shelf immediately gives you 8 additional ports for powering and charging your electronic devices. You get 6 AC outlets for plugging in appliances, plus 2 USB ports for charging your smartphones and tablets.

 To provide a storage space for small essentials, this outlet extender comes with a detachable shelf. Use it for holding a variety of items such as kitchen condiments, grooming accessories, electronic gadgets, and other small-sized essentials.

To use, just plug this outlet extender to any 3-pronged outlet and you instantly have a wall-mounted power strip with a storage shelf.

 Need more time to make a decision? Check out more features of this wall outlet extender right here:

⚡ LED light turns on once the outlet extender is plugged in properly

⚡ 180-degree outlet design

⚡ May be used on horizontal outlets, but note that the removable shelf won't be usable this way

⚡ Not compatible with 2-prong non-grounded outlets

⚡ Slim, compact design

 Clear away unsightly cords and wires. Add the Southern Backdoor Products Socket Shelf to your cart TODAY!